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Visual Guidelines

To maintain a consistent graphical user interface experience we need to set up some guidelines regarding colors, icons, graphics, typos, ....


Typography in design can’t be overestimated. Fonts can help to convey the message in a more convenient way.

Proposal: adopt a different default font for OOo4Kids that the one used in OpenOffice. It's good way to increase the visibility and the message of the product without costing any time or effort as many free quality fonts can be found on the web.

For example the Ubuntu project use the UbuntuTitleFont.

We could use this font for example for:

  • Texts in splashScreen, About box, wizards, etc...
  • Documentation we will provide later (UserGuide, Shorcut Sheet, ...)
  • Buttons, banners, ...

I suggest to use one of the fonts listed in the following document: 40 excellent freefonts for professional design and discuss to make the choice.

Color Palette Prop. Proposal 2

Gradients variations

DRF Public.png To do

  • check with benBois
  • provide photoshop / gimp Palettes

DRF Star.png Ideas

  • Remark : It could be nice to choose a "dyslexic friendly" font. Let's say :
  • Reply : The idea is not so bad. But the "lexia" proposal can't be accepted the licence is "free for personnal use". Another point to mention is that the font is not very attractive for children.

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