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EducOOo International Creation (November 2010)

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Please add your name and IRC nickname

(alphabetic order)

  • Eric Bachard aka ericb2 on irc
  • Ben Bois aka _wooz
  • Olav Dahlum aka olorin_
  • Sylvain DENIS aka sylvaintechnic on irc
  • Jean-Marie LAFON aka gnome06 on irc
  • (please confirm) Marina Latini aka deneb_alpha on irc
  • (please add your name )


  • make a quick point about the EducOOo Internationalization status
  • propose an agenda for the next meeting
  • misc : forward to Italian people, EducOOo Council (publish the people)


[21:01] <ericb2> Meeting time ?

[21:01] <wooz_> now!

[21:01] <wooz_> normally

[21:02] <sylvaintechnic> it's time

[21:02] <ericb2> Ok, let's start

[21:02] <ericb2> Agenda :

[21:02] <ericb2> * make a quick point about the EducOOo Internationalization status

[21:02] <ericb2> * propose an agenda for the next meeting

[21:02] <ericb2> * misc : forward to Italian people, EducOOo Council (publish the people)

[21:03] <olorin_> :-)

[21:03] * JZA ( has joined #ooo4Kids

[21:03] * ChanServ gives channel operator status to JZA

[21:03] <olorin_> Well,

[21:03] <wooz_> olorin_: nice!

[21:04] <ericb2> First item is a quick / fast point about the internationalization process

[21:04] <ericb2> olorin_: hey, nice :)

[21:05] <wooz_> olorin_: you can get the ban of

[21:05] <gnome06> great

[21:05] <olorin_> wooz_: :-)

[21:05] <ericb2> One word about The good news first : the process to forward the ownership to Marina is started. The bad news is we'll have to pay yet 14 euros

[21:05] <sylvaintechnic> why?

[21:05] <ericb2> maybe add taxes

[21:05] <wooz_> ericb2: hmm

[21:06] <ericb2> sylvaintechnic: because the online forward is not implemented by Gandi, and we must do that with papers, manualy

[21:06] <olorin_> Err.

[21:06] <sylvaintechnic> ericb2: ah ok

[21:06] * ericb2 received the form some days ago, but I need to discuss with Marina

[21:07] <olorin_> wooz_: I have yet to explore WordPress a bit further, but it's pretty straightforward to use.

[21:07] <ericb2> Any news from  ?

[21:07] <wooz_> olorin_: ok no pb

[21:08] <wooz_> ericb2: nope

[21:08] <wooz_> ericb2: nothing

[21:08] <ericb2> For the record, the log of the meeting will be available here : /Current_events/LogEducOOoInternationalCreation02December2010#Log

[21:08] <ericb2> wooz_: :-/

[21:08] <ericb2> wooz_: maybe time to ping Drew

[21:08] <wooz_> ericb2: yep.. I did the backup system by myself

[21:08] <ericb2> JZA: some news form ?

[21:09] <ericb2> wooz_: ok, good news :)

[21:09] <olorin_> wooz_: Is that a hacked theme btw, or just the header uploaded from the interface? When I tried that here, it was overlayed.

[21:09] <JZA> yeah we have the site up, and we are working on it

[21:09] <olorin_> JZA: Good.

[21:09] <wooz_> olorin_: a bit of hack ;-)

[21:09] <JZA> ericb2: we are still working on it. There is also a good chance we can start a project in venezuela.

[21:09] <olorin_> wooz_: Hehe

[21:10] <sylvaintechnic> good news ;)

[21:10] <JZA> ericb2: currently we are in talks with the CNCI to evaluate for their Canaimas strategy.

[21:10] <ericb2> JZA: awesome :)

[21:10] <JZA> ericb2: Canaimas is the state distro for all the K12 schools in venezuela

[21:10] <wooz_> JZA: excellent

[21:10] <gnome06> good news

[21:10] <olorin_> Do we have more people in South America?

[21:11] <JZA> olorin_: yes in we have people in Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Colombia

[21:11] <JZA> levarcol was supposed to join in anytime now

[21:11] <olorin_> JZA: And you a bit further in middle with Mexico?

[21:11] <JZA> he is from Medellin, Colombia

[21:11] <JZA> olorin_: yes I live in Cancun at the moment

[21:12] <olorin_> JZA: Pretty well covered in the Americas I would say.

[21:12] <wooz_> +1

[21:13] <olorin_> I have a harder time here in Scandinavia.

[21:13] <ericb2> olorin_: what happens ?

[21:13] <JZA> olorin_: well we just live in many countries, but we don't have any project outside of venezuela yet.

[21:13] <wooz_> olorin_: snow?

[21:13] <olorin_> ericb2: Extreme lobbyism it seems.

[21:14] <JZA> olorin_: we are still coming back to the table with Valencia in Spain with ooo4kids

[21:14] <olorin_> wooz_: And ice, but not quite that.

[21:14] <ericb2> olorin_: lobbyism for what ? MS Office ? or something else ?

[21:14] <wooz_> olorin_: k

[21:14] <ericb2> JZA: as I told you : I can provide you a build

[21:14] <olorin_> ericb2: Mainly OOo, which is a bit strange...

[21:15] <ericb2> olorin_: ah. I'm not surprised in fact

[21:15] <JZA> ericb2: one thing that I am still not sure, is the extensions status in OOo4Kids, since we want to pitch if ooo4kids is 'extendable'

[21:16] <JZA> ericb2: python?

[21:16] <ericb2> JZA: untested, but should work, excepted on windows, because there is some issue I never traced yet

[21:16] <olorin_> ericb2: Me either, but working against the person that keeps it up and running? Makes no sense to me.

[21:17] <ericb2> olorin_: is it OOo or LO ?

[21:19] <olorin_> ericb2: Hmm, well, people supporting both? I really think it's more about me than anything else.

[21:19] <olorin_> The funny thing is, I _am_ the supporter.

[21:20] <ericb2> olorin_: I'm a bit confused with this strange story, but if you encounter problems, you can use for your needs

[21:21] <ericb2> Other information for the first item ?

[21:21] <sylvaintechnic> no

[21:21] <olorin_> ericb2: Hehe, yeah, me too. Anyway, it boils down to that we probably should collaborate here in the north. So anyone living near Norway, please.

[21:22] <ericb2> I forgot : I asked wooz_ to create

[21:22] <wooz_> ericb2: and it'll be avaible tomorrow normally

[21:22] <ericb2> the need is to stop concentrating everything - our forces - in the software, but keep in mind our mission

[21:22] <ericb2> wooz_: thank you very much ! (one more time ! )

[21:23] <wooz_> ;-)

[21:23] <ericb2> JZA: I think we could collaborate with the Campus Libre and the Forge too

[21:23] <ericb2> wooz_: you really do a nice and extremely usefull work

[21:24] <olorin_> ericb2: I won't whine too much, as things probably will improve.

[21:24] <ericb2> kaze: awake ?

[21:24] <wooz_> ericb2: maybe the home of the can replace the current page

[21:24] <ericb2> wooz_: not exactly, but the idea is to create something alive

[21:25] <wooz_> ericb2: ok

[21:25] <ericb2> wooz_: more activity, and in several locales. Last but not least, easy to contribute

[21:26] <olorin_> should be kept as a selling point, the wiki however, a knowledge database.

[21:26] <wooz_> ericb2: I see

[21:26] <sylvaintechnic> +1 olorin_

[21:26] <ericb2> wooz_: I think ost of the new ideas will come from the wiki

[21:26] <ericb2> s/ost/most/

[21:27] <wooz_> ericb2: ok

[21:27] <olorin_> Yep. I don't think that clutter will make a good main web site.

[21:28] <ericb2> olorin_: usualy, static information is on the web page, and alive (young, and experimental) on the wiki

[21:28] <ericb2> with WP seems to be quite nice

[21:28] <olorin_> ericb2: Exactly.

[21:29] <ericb2> Next item ?

[21:29] <olorin_> Yep, seems to be nice.

[21:29] <olorin_> Ok.

[21:29] <wooz_> ericb2: +1

[21:31] <ericb2> Next item is fast : propose an agenda for the next meeting.

[21:31] <ericb2> I'd add: supposed to be next week ...

[21:32] <ericb2> Any suggestion ?

[21:32] <olorin_> Well, get the rest of the sites up and running.

[21:32] <sylvaintechnic> thursday it's a good day for me

[21:32] <olorin_> wooz_: Some content in the wiki?

[21:33] <olorin_> olorin_: Do something about the support in this country.

[21:33] <wooz_> olorin_: I can't do all.. I'll manage the setting up

[21:33] <gnome06> too much IRC meeting for me for next week :)

[21:33] * ericb2 would like to make a point about, and I'll contact Drew

[21:33] <gnome06> i prefer wednesday

[21:33] <olorin_> wooz_: MediaWiki?

[21:33] <wooz_> olorin_: yep

[21:33] <ericb2> gnome06: wednesday is terrible for me

[21:34] <ericb2> gnome06: if we can make it around 21h30, that's ok. Else, it's difficult for me

[21:34] <olorin_> Doesn't matter much to me.

[21:34] <gnome06> so thursday

[21:35] <wooz_> ericb2: too late for me.. my wake up is really early on the morning :-/

[21:35] <olorin_> wooz_: Just create the framework, and most of us should be ok.

[21:35] <wooz_> olorin_: +1

[21:35] <ericb2> +1 for me too (was the idea anyway)

[21:36] <olorin_> wooz_: How early?

[21:36] <wooz_> between 5h30 & 5h45

[21:36] <olorin_> ericb2: Oh yeah,

[21:36] <wooz_> 'cause the snow :-p

[21:36] <olorin_> wooz_: Whoa!

[21:37] <wooz_> olorin_: yep

[21:37] <ericb2> olorin_: no news. Maybe thorsten can help

[21:37] <olorin_> wooz_: I was in the capital by then back in '96/97.

[21:37] <wooz_> the blog is up ( but no content at the moment

[21:38] <olorin_> Just the standard template.

[21:38] <wooz_> olorin_: ?

[21:38] <wooz_> olorin_: yep

[21:38] <olorin_> wooz_: I was up 03:45 and at work by 6:30.

[21:38] <wooz_> olorin_: ouch!

[21:38] <wooz_> :-p

[21:39] <ericb2> For the next meeting, can we agree :

[21:39] <ericb2> - International : new point (,, other locales, and everything around i10n)

[21:39] <ericb2> - Present : (ideas, objectives ...)

[21:39] <wooz_> olorin_: for me.. it's because I bring the children to the nursery..

[21:39] <olorin_> wooz_: Ah.

[21:39] <ericb2> I'll add : Debian port

[21:39] <wooz_> ericb2: +1

[21:39] <sylvaintechnic> ericb2: +1

[21:40] <ericb2> + a point with schools

[21:40] * ericb2 promises to not exceed 10 min per item ^^

[21:40] <sylvaintechnic> ok

[21:40] <wooz_> ^^

[21:40] <olorin_> There's one thing I want have worked out by then. Goodies of some sort.

[21:40] <ericb2> olorin_: extremely good idea !

[21:40] <wooz_> olorin_: +1

[21:41] <sylvaintechnic> olorin_: +1

[21:41] * ericb2 adds goodies

[21:41] <gnome06> +1

[21:41] <ericb2> goodies means: everything about goodies, including brillant ideas we'll have soon ^^

[21:41] <olorin_> You know, a web address with a logo works great as most people will actually check it out.

[21:43] <olorin_> ericb2: Nothing expensive, just to profile ourselves among people.

[21:44] <ericb2> olorin_: we do the same here. The last produc is a DVD, named "FramaDVD Ecole" (means school), we'll sale for around 4 euros. This DVD contains everything free software at school

[21:44] <ericb2> olorin_: I had the idea to propose an international version of this DVD

[21:45] <olorin_> ericb2: Yeah, that would be a good idea.

[21:45] <wooz_> +1 but maybe in a usb key ?

[21:46] <ericb2> wooz_: could be, but we need to find some money for that

[21:46] <JZA> wooz_: btw we are clonning the site and then localizing it, we plan to put our own content in the future, but please be patient :)

[21:46] <ericb2> olorin_: I'll prepare something around the FramaDVD next week

[21:46] <wooz_> yep

[21:47] <JZA> I want to know if there are any other efforts to make OOo4Kids videos.

[21:47] <JZA> or promotional ideas.

[21:47] <olorin_> wooz_: Cheap ones can be obtained from China.

[21:47] <gnome06> jza : any ideas ?

[21:48] <olorin_> gnome06: The video, you know a high resolution for showing off on monitors?

[21:49] <gnome06> olorin_: last videos are in HD

[21:49] <JZA> gnome06: there is a mozilla video about promoting firefox around the world

[21:49] <JZA> gnome06: I wonder if we could have something similar

[21:49] <olorin_> I could have a stand some months back, but no viable material at the time.

[21:49] <olorin_> gnome06: Oh ok.

[21:49] <ericb2> JZA: Mozilla is rich and does not help us :)

[21:49] <gnome06> sure, we need a scenario and time

[21:49] <JZA>!/video /video.php?v=475862087866

[21:50] <JZA> this is 100% human based, not really any screenshot or views of the app

[21:50] <wooz_> maybe we can ask for children around the world !?

[21:50] <olorin_> wooz_: Cheap labour!

[21:51] <gnome06> wooz_: still same problems --> legal, time, money

[21:51] <JZA> :D

[21:51] <JZA> maybe we can have like an ad-hoc project

[21:51] <JZA> of clips

[21:51] <wooz_> gnome06: only legal is a pb...

[21:51] <JZA> start collecting clips

[21:51] <wooz_> maybe without the face.. just the voice

[21:51] <JZA> wooz_: legal? of which country?

[21:51] <olorin_> Actually, I did play with

[21:52] <wooz_> and some animation for the visual

[21:52] <JZA> wooz_: there is no one world law fortunately

[21:52] <ericb2> To summarize, can we agree about the next meeting : thursday 9 december, 20h00 UTC (21h00 CET, Paris)

  1. ooo4kids IRC channel

[21:52] <JZA> and is not ilegal to shoot children

[21:52] <wooz_> ericb2: +1

[21:52] <gnome06> checked : my videos are 1280x720px

[21:52] <olorin_> JZA: Well, it is here!

[21:52] <JZA> ericb2: I propose to drop CET and use UTC instead

[21:52] <gnome06> ericb2: +1

[21:53] <sylvaintechnic> ericb2: Ok

[21:53] <olorin_> UTC+1

[21:53] * ericb2 noticed : UTC+1

[21:54] <JZA> great

[21:54] <ericb2> Last item is  : misc

[21:54] <wooz_> heyhey :-)

[21:54] <olorin_> wooz_: What, what?

[21:54] * gnome06 please quick eric, i have to go

[21:54] <wooz_> no no agree with UTC

[21:54] <olorin_> :-)

[21:54] <ericb2> I just wanted to say, we are close to realize the Debian port. I tested today, and just rebuild is imho mandatory :)

[21:55] <wooz_> ericb2: YES!

[21:55] <wooz_> :-)

[21:55] <ericb2> thanks to Mathias Brunet, alias kaze who worked hard to achieve that port

[21:56] <gnome06> thks Mathias

[21:56] <olorin_> If you do that, I can probably get it into Debian Edu/Skolelinux.

[21:56] <wooz_> +1 thx kaze

[21:56] <ericb2> olorin_: would be great : this is just one .deb + the languagepack

[21:57] <ericb2> olorin_: works well with synaptic, and co

[21:57] <ericb2> Other questions ?

[21:57] <wooz_> yes great improvement

[21:58] <wooz_> ok for me

[21:58] <gnome06> ok for me

[21:58] * ericb2 willlike to thanks Coolgeek too, since he helped a lot Mathias

[21:58] * ericb2 would like to thanks Coolgeek too, since he helped a lot Mathias

[21:58] <olorin_> Hehe

[21:58] <wooz_> right..thx coolgeek

[21:58] <ericb2> If no other question -> meeting. Thanks for coming

[21:58] <olorin_> Would you like me to fix that sentence?

[21:58] <gnome06> ok ok, tks Coolgeek also :D

[21:59] <wooz_> thx ericb2 and all

[21:59] <wooz_> :-)

[21:59] <sylvaintechnic> thanks at all

[21:59] <gnome06> tks Eric and all

[21:59] <wooz_> bye all

[21:59] <gnome06> bye

[21:59] <olorin_> Don't forget the agenda.

[21:59] <wooz_> & gn

[21:59] * ericb2 will prepare the agenda now

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