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  • Description: Install OOo4Kids on .rpm based Linux distributions
  • Author: Andre Salaun
  • Download:
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  • Description: script to autoextract and install the additional files for building OOo4Kids
  • Author: Eric Bachard
  • Download:
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  • Description: script to autocompress the last building OOo4Kids and generate the md5sum
  • Author: Ben Bois
  • Download:
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  • Description: script to generate the md5sum for the DEB & RPM packages and renaming sub-folders to match with the FTP tree structure.

need to be improve: for now, you have to copy all sub-folders named {lang}_download/ and the file inside to a temp folder DEB or/and RPM, ex.:







Diff of the summit from v.90 to v.113

  • Author: Eric Bachard
  • Description:

Just an example to explain how to extract incremential diffs between two subversion revisions. Values can of course be adapted (here between rev90 and rev113). IMPORTANT: the command must be entered from the $SRC_ROOT directory

  • Command:
for (( i=90 ; i < 113 ; i++ )) ; do svn diff -r$i:r$(( i+1 )) > r$(( i+1 ))".diff" ; done
  • Result:
files r90.diff, r91.diff ... and so on until r113.diff will be created. Current révision is : 634 (OOo4Kids 0.9.5)

Extract all the files from a .deb archive

English version

Say, you downloaded the whole archive containing a given version of OOo4Kids, itself containing the 35 or 36 .deb archives, and you want to extract everything, to obtain a standalone OOo4Kids.

IMPORTANT : you must have dpkg-deb installed (apt-cache search dpkg- deb will help)

1) First, create a TEMP directory  : mkdir TEMP

2) Inside, put all the .deb, including the OOo4Kids-debian-menus_0.9.5-07_all.deb archive, who is in desktop-intégration.

3) Then go into TEMP (cd TEMP), and create a second directory (inside TEMP), named temp2 (mkdir temp2) for example.

4) Then type :

for i in `ls *.deb` ; do dpkg-deb --extract $i temp2 ; done

At the end, in temp2, you'll find 3 directories :

/etc containing everything about configuration (Debian spécific)

/opt who contains the ready to be launched OOo4Kids (just try, to be sure, typing : temp2/opt/ooo4kids0.9.5/program/soffice )

/usr who contains the menu entries stuff.

Hope this will help you :)

Eric Bachard 10:20, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

Version Française

Disons que vous avez téléchargé l'archive complète, elle-même contenant les 35 ou 36 archives .deb, pour une version données d'OOo4Kids, et que vous souhaitez extraire un Ooo4Kids tout en un.

IMPORTANT : il faut avoir dpkg-deb installé (apt-cache search dpkg- deb aidera)

1) D'abord créer un répertoire TEMP

2) dedans, placer tous les .deb, y compris l'archive OOo4Kids-debian-menus_0.9.5-07_all.deb qui se trouve dans le répertoire desktop-intégration.

3) Ensuite aller dans TEMP (cd TEMP), et créer un nouveau répertoire (dans TEMP), appelé temp2 (mkdir temp2) par exemple.

4) Enfin, taper :

for i in `ls *.deb` ; do dpkg-deb --extract $i temp2 ; done

Et dans temp2, on trouvera 3 répertoires :

/etc qui contient ce qui concerne la configuration (Debian spécifique)

/opt qui contient OOo4Kids prêt à fonctionner (essayer de le lancer pour être sûr, en tapant : temp2/opt/ooo4kids0.9.5/program/soffice )

/usr qui contient les entrées de menus

Eric Bachard 10:20, 26 May 2010 (UTC)

Creating a Bundle on Sugar

Once you have a proper Sugar-compatible tree, create the in your activity root folder (OOo4Kids.activity):

#!/usr/bin/env python
from sugar.activity import bundlebuilder

Then, create the manifest (a file that lists all the files needed for the Activity) by inputting:

find . -type f | sed 's,^./,,g' > MANIFEST

There you have all that is necessary in order to create your XO bundle. Just use the following command:

./ dist_xo

You might have to use this command if you are urged to do so:

./ fix_manifest

And then, the bundle is ready, you can now install it by simply typing:

sugar-install-bundle yourbundle.xo

Compiler pour Gentoo

Lire l'article de Benjamin Vialle, étudiant en 3ème année Option Informatique à l’École Centrale de Nantes propose sur son blog un billet consacré à la compilation d’OOo4Kids sur Gentoo.

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