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Welcome to OOo4Kids project

This page is the entry page of the OOo4Kids. The idea is to provide a 7-12 years software, based on Apache OpenOffice source code, say, extremely simplified.

Everything is made with the idea to contribute back to Apache OpenOffice Project, through Apache OpenOffice Education Project, and students projects, but not only (all sort of contributions are welcome, of course).

Resources are managed by the EducOOo non profit association.

The software OOo4Kids is released under LGPL V3 License.


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Current Milestone: 1.3

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in: AR / DA / DE / EL / EN / ES / FI / FR / IT / NL / NO / PL / PT / RU / SL / UK / ZH

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Whether you're an experienced developer or an end user just getting started with, there are many ways to participate in the OOo4Kids project. Not convinced ? read the How to contribute page !

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Logo made by Ben Bois, Wiki Design: Jean-Marie Lafon, Wiki hosted on a EducOOo server (thank you for your donations !)

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