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Improve Math equation editor


Please do not translate the page yet

Summary :

Advices and suggestions for students and developers

What follows, is thought for students applying for Google SoC, but not only ;)

What we need is to use a better methodology, and below, some advices :


  • no hurry : the timeline for SoC is well defined, so take the time to do things properly. Sometimes, nothing works. That's life. Just notice everything you did, and retry later
  • be sure you completed a task before to start another one
  • keep traces : keep every log, even obvious information : later, this might be problematic to retrieve some values
  • work regularly : note everything you do, every day


  • english is the common language, but do not forget that a lot of us are not native speakers;
  • please do not use private mails, but use the ooo-build list, and only this one for any technical question, and answer GSoC relevant from the students and the mentors point of view ;
  • be often online, on IRC #ooo4kids or #go-oo for GSoC students
  • when something goes wrong : tell us, *asap*. Of course, everyone can do errors, and we won't eat you, because you did not understand something (maybe us too ...), and explain is sane and safe for everybody.
  • someone reading your notes, MUST understand what you did. If this is not the case, please improve the document.
  • screenshots, blog : use english preferently


  • organize your work as well identified tasks, (include parallel tasks is a good idea): a timeline, Gantt diagram, containing the timeline you proposed is a very good starting point -> on the wiki
  • when you start a task, think to avoid redo the same thing twice.
  • explain what you do, add references in the code. On the wiki, describe with right sentences, containing one subject, one verb and everything to avoid misunderstanding ;
  • my experience told me, that to notice everything important, a tool like a simple text file, with an ACCURATE name (what it does + date), put in an accurate directory for backup, is far enough : simple and robust


  • describe how you did a full build, including details (evil in the details)
  • describe all operations you did starting from build with debug enabled until where you put the fat lib, including how :
  • before to start debugging : define what you want to do, and what you'd like to observe, how ...
  • when you debug : keep the history, and the results, what you did. A text file is perfect


  • separate the "what" and the "why" in your analysis
  • 80% of the time : think. 20% code (not the opposite)
  • do peer reviews as much as often
  • be open to suggestions, and do not fear to redo everything
  • warnings are errors
  • think twice the naming of your class, methods, and verify it does match with the current code
  • make it work, simplify, and improve.
  • for every method, write an unit test, to check whether the methods does its role, and ony its role
  • deliver clean diffs. See the rules on ooo-build wiki to create correct diffs

(please add your remarks, and so on ... )

Additional wishes

Thanks to Christophe Devalland for the suggestions (wild translation from french, please be gentle):

=> The first listed, the highest priority

  • highest priority : fix issue 45689
  • a symbol for integration height variable or not
  • implement union and intersetion symbols (english ?) like exist Sum and Product // isn't it already the case ?
  • des ajouts dans la liste des symboles : ceux de Eric + d'autres à piocher dans les symboles LaTeX qui peuvent être intéressants. Attention à bien prévoir aussi leur insertion depuis mathml, odf, ... (menu outils, importer une formule).
  • fix Associated issue 66848 (see ImproveMathEquationEditor/DistorsionOfMatrixBrackets).
  • Add the possibility to insert programaticaly a formula, but using another syntax (mathml, latex...)
  • FIXME : translate me (add oriented anglesfor circulation from A to B (intégrale curviligne) ? ) "les arcs" si l'on peut avoir un arc fléché
  • A bit of topic: add the ability to insert a formula inside a Draw document, or in a Writer doc

FIXME : ask for further info. (Par exemple, on pourrait grouper des vecteurs et une courbe (ex. faite par Dmaths) => déplacement facilité, positions relatives plus stables)

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