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How to contribute ?


Whether you're an experienced developer or an end user just getting started with OpenOffice, there are many ways to participate in the OOo4Kids project.

Contributing to the wiki

The best way to start to contribute to the project is to participate to the improvement of the wiki. It's very easy and very useful for everyone, even if you just correct a link or add information. With only 5 minutes you have a major opportunity to help OOo4kids. And if you have more time, don't hesitate to do more. ;-)

Required skills:

  • Very basic knowledge of the MediaWiki syntax. If you don't know this, don't worry. it is very easy to pick up.

How to start?

Contributing to the artwork

We have a big gap in terms of design and artwork for the project. We need to create a full set of icons for documents, toolbars, cursors, … but also for having a clipart library, buttons for the web, banners, …

Required skills:

  •  ???

How to start ?

  • Check the tasks list for the artwork
  • Go to the IRC and talk with ....

Contributing to the tests

How to start ?

Contributing to the template task force

Required skills:

  • Be comfortable with OpenOffice template creation

How to start ?

Contributing to the source code

Required skills:

  • easy with C++, bash and other tools like svn, perl and so on will help
  • Openess : OOo4Kids is ported on Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and on several architectures like Intel, PowerPC and MIPS. OOo4Kids is already known to work on OLPC too.

How to start ?

  • Browse the OOo4kids wiki to get a good understanding of the project
  • Read the developers documentation
  • Setup your developer environment
  • Get in touch with others developpers on IRC

  • How to Participate ?
  • Tasks / Jobs
  • Teams
  • Report a bug
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