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FAQ Installation


Installing under Windows

I use Windows, how can I install OOo4Kids?

After downloading OOo4Kids from the official site, double-click the icon that starts the installation. Follow the instructions for installation, which takes place in a few clicks.

Is there a portable version of Windows OOo4Kids?

Yes, there is a downloadable OOo4Kids, which can be downloaded on the official website.

Installing in Mac OSX

After downloading OOo4Kids from the official site, double-click the downloaded file to mount the disk image automatically. The software is installed by dragging the icon into your Applications folder OOo4Kids (strongly recommended).

Installation in Linux

My distribution is Debian / Ubuntu, are there any .deb archives? Yes, just add the repository: testing main deb http://deb.ooo4kids.org

Step by step with Synaptic

You can read the page on the Installation in Ubuntu

Original article: OOo4Kids Install on Debian or Ubuntu with Synaptic (blog EducOOo)

In command line

You can read the instructions step by step proposed by the association SCIDERALLE.

OOo4Kids and Java

OOo4Kids does not use Java (neither at runtime nor at compile time).

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